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The drive of death occurred today. To reach Airlie beach, the next stop on the east coast we were forced to endure an 11 hour bus ride. We left at 7:30 am and drove north through stops like Raglan, Rockhampton and MacKay. The ride was long and we only got to watch one crappy movie before the DVD player decided to crap out. The bus ride was brutal because I was the old man on the bus and the attitudes and behaviour of some of the other passengers ended up with me opening my mouth and then having most of the people hate me for the rest of the trip. I don't regret making the comments I made and think that some of these spoiled "kids" need a wake up call. I arrived at the hostel in Airlie Beach and was greeted by a giant cockroach. It was the first one that I have come across and I managed to kill it.

I had no plans on the 31st as it was a free day before I boarded a ship and went on a cruise of the Whitsundays Islands. I checked in at Oz Adventure Sailing and was given what would turn out to be awesome news, but a story must be told before the news is given. -- A Whitsundays sailing trip is considered by most backpackers to be a mandatory stop when travelling the east coast. As a result I was going to do one and decided that an old fashioned tall ship was my choice for a vessel. Other people choose racing yachts or diving vessels, I wanted old style sailing. When I was on the bus from Byron Bay to Brisbane I decided to book my trip. Having no information I looked at a couple of brochures that the bus driver gave me and came to a decision that the "Alexander Stewart" would be worthy of my presence. The bus driver said it would be "perfect" and helped me book it. When I reached Brisbane and was booking my trip to the zoo I found out that Alexander Stewart is primarily a boat for couples. This created an awkward silence/anger for a moment and I then decided that I had to try and rebook to another ship if possible. It worked out and I was transferred to the "Derwent Hunter". I learned from here that it if you book a sailing trip, don't trust an Oz Experience Bus driver. End Story -- When I checked in for my trip I was told that Derwent Hunter was being refitted, essentially in dry dock, and I was getting upgraded. I was being put on a different tall ship that is usually reserved for "sailing in style" cruises. I was not sure what to think as these cruises are usually full of rich people who don't have any adventure in them, but a $900 cruise that I only paid $500 for was an acceptable upgrade for such an "inconvenience". The ship was still a tall ship, I just wasn't sure how much fun I was going to have. I spent part of the afternoon at the wharf looking for this ship but didn't find it. What am I getting into?

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