Vikki & Emma travel blog

Scenery shot to prove we are actually in Sydney!

a grey day in the city

Mad hatters!

our roomie, Di - its her birthday!

Emma & the chocolate cake!

Birthday time!

party [psers!

upclose & personal!

do not like this photo at all, but mel does!

Hi guys

well im at work (i guess you can tell its vikki typing as the other 2 are probably still asleep!) and i have just quickly managed to upload some more photos for you. Sorry they arent very interesting but as we keep telling you all - we really arent doing much! I have added a load of random photos to this entry as they dont go with any particular day. As im supposed to be working i cant really explain all these shots in detail so for now i will just put them on and then when i get home i will explain the madness to you all.

Lots of love and hugs from the 7th floor reception of Toyota - Australia xx x Vikki x x

ok part two! its now wed 27th (emma's birthday) and the girls have jsut met me for lunch, bless them, its blowing a gale out here. proper hurricane sort of weather but the sky is blue and the wind really warm! Bizarre! we are going out tonight to celebrate em's 25th, so will put a proper entry on tomorrow for you all!

no work for me tomorrow - fantastic!

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