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Hello from Wellington!

We've given Gordon back to the campervan people! The 'bus' went back today and we un-ceremoniously took our stuff out of the campervan, slung our backpacks over our backs and strolled out of the building.

Back to being backpackers again! It's going to take some time to get the hang of carrying everything around again! The place where we had to leave the campervan was quite a way out of town, at Mana, so we had to get the train back into Wellington. It was $3.50 each, so it didn't break the bank!

We are now staying at YHA Wellington, which as YHA goes is quite trendy. As fellow travellers will know, YHA is generally a place where older wiser types go after a hard days trek, to read or study. It's very different to a bouncy city like hostel. Actually, Welly YHA is very youth orientated and is quite bouncy too! It still has the usual spotless kitchen and reading room, but this YHA is very impressive, if a little expensive.

Our flight to Christchurch tomorrow is at 7.30am, so it's an early start for us. As it's a domestic flight we don't need to be there 2 hours before check in. It's only a 30 min flight anyway and I don't think it barely gets a chance to get off the ground before it lands again! Never-the-less we've got a sturdy bus timetable for the morning connection to the airport so it'll be fine.

That about wraps it up for the north island. We've been here 3 weeks, travelled over 2000 miles and stayed at 10 different locations!

From tomorrow the South Island beckons - with the following:

* Christchurch

* Picton

* Mt Cook

* Milford Sound

* Queenstown

+ more. Thanks for all the mails with tips and suggestions that have already come in. Have you been to South Island? What do you know? Drop us a message to the website!

Best be off - I'm trying to get the camera 'flash memory' with the photos to work but the computer won't accept it!

If you see photos then it worked... otherwise better luck next time!


Lots of love from Helen and Gareth x x x

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