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View of Montreal

Brian with our friends of 4 days Deddie and Randy - super...



A proud otter

Bird sanctuary


We nearly lost Andrea to the dome as they thought she was...

Try this for new marketing

Relaxing by the water

Sorry guys the girls were too hot to show here :)

World famous bagels in Montreal

Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal

Notre Dame Basilica - inside

The Quebec flag flying in old Montreal

Debbie and Randy's house

The back yard


Debbie enjoying the back yard

Can you imagine...meeting someone for 4 days in another country and then staying with them 5 months later in another country! Stranger things have happened!!!

While in the Montreal area, we met up with our friends, Debbie and Randy, we had met briefly while sailing on the Whitsundays in Australia. What a wonderful reunion! Debbie had even had her photos of their Australia trip out and was collating them into a scrapbook of their adventures! (see entry 78 for a refresher of our Whitsunday Sailing in Australia)

We had a great time reminiscing over a bottle of wine and laughing into the wee hours of the night. We took a day tour into Montreal and visited the Biodome full of exotic animals and temperate zones. Then it was off to the bagel place, the waterfront, the majestic basilica, and many sights along the way. We even visited the local farmer's market where we bought fresh corn on the cob and blueberries which we dined on for lunch...yup - just corn! It was that delicious!

Thankfully, we had a chance to upload/save a lot of pictures at their place too as we had had trouble doing this in the US and in parts of Canada.

After a wonderful stay, we headed to Ottawa and then on to Dee and Csaba's in Guelph, Ontario...


1 July - HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! and Congratulations to Mary Lynn Wallace on your wedding

3 July - Happy Anniversary Brother Chris & Helena; Happy 40th Birthday Brad!

5 July - Happy Birthday Jacquie Pollard

8 July - Congratulations Marcus Pollington on your wedding

20 July - Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad (Deaville)

21 July - Happy 70th Birthday Maureen Wells!

28 July - Happy Anniversary Julie and Andrew McClean

...and to anyone else we missed!

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