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The Reid's home in Grand Bay, NB

Their view

Take 2


Brian's day out on the boat


hold it steady!



and then it was Andrea's turn





Duck for cover!


Our first glimpse of Reversing Falls, Saint John, NB



The pulp and paper mill - but notice the smooth waters

Notice the change in tides!!!

Our kind friends, Ross & Janet Reid


Imagine jet boating at high tide!!! Also, those blue and yellow spheres...

Panorama St John's bay and reversing falls

The worlds largest axe

The worlds longest covered bridge

This was the terminal for an airport in New Brunswick - careful...

McCains HQ fancy that

After saying our good-byes to sister Deanna and boyfriend Csabab at the airport, we drove down the Bay of Fundy National Park and on to Janet and Ross Reid's place in Grand Bay near Saint John, New Brunswick.

We were warmly greeted with a hickory smoked roast that had been cooking for 3 days and friendly neighbours that were over for a visit. Along with the wonderful sailing lessons out on the 50+ year old family boat, we were taught how to t-a-n-g-o, and went to a wedding reception for a 80-something year old fellow and his new 40 year old Thai wife who had just returned from their wedding in Thailand. Poor thing, she was feeling the cold in the middle of July...a Canadian winter was going to be a challenge for her I'm afraid!

We took a couple of days to explore St. Andrew's down along the coast and Deer Island (an island close to the US border with tides you can see changing before your eyes. President Franklin Roosevelt had a summer home on nearby Campobello Island.) When we returned, we toured Saint John and its "reversing falls" - the highest tides in the world raising and lowering 14.5 feet above and below the river level every 12 hours! (*See this website for more info: )

Nearly a week later, we sadly pulled ourselves away from Janet & Ross' wonderful hospitality and headed north to Fredericton.

P.S. We were very happy to see them again in Paradise Valley, Alberta (the farm) on their way to a family wedding in Vancouver, BC.

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