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Who said we can't cook?! Check out the steak with runners and...

Another look. Oh yeah - check the stroganoff sauce out. You know...

Hey Sven! Good to see you again! Haven't seen you since the...

Gordon catches the sun at Taupo. Check out his plot. He's so...

Labor Day weekend - New Zealand. Kids everywhere. Great. Just bloody great....

It was a quiet day today! We didn't get up to too much during the day! Just getting the washing done and the website up to date! We also stocked up on food and petrol as we knew the next two days were going to be big ones!

That evening we met up with Chris and Heather in the Irish bar in town and we also bumped in Sven of Cook Islands fame!

It was great - Sven reminded us of the 'dirty cards' that he had during his card games. I think in his own Swedish way, he was trying to say that he was unlucky!

Obviously Gareth is getting ID'd everywhere and this place was no exception! "Hey man... you're really f***** old!" all the bouncers say. Cheers boys! Helen is also pretty miffed. She says that she has only started getting IDed since she's been hanging around Gareth! Honestly!

So we got ID'd in the bar and also in the club we went to after (The Holy Cow). Thanks to Chris, we had a load of $1 off vouchers, so Helen and I had a few Vodkas and Malibus. It was great - we rarely drink out here and it's always nice to let our hair down.

In 'The Holy Cow' it was the usual blend of music. Message to STEVIE G and BORIS: Gareth says that we'd have this place wrapped in 20 mins. Sure, they were playing all the usuals like 'Groove is in the heart' and 'Jump Around' but they really weren't going for much more than that. It was a shame. It could have been raging in there. Whenever Gareth hears 'Men At Work - Down Under' he thinks of Stevie G and when he hears 'Freestylers - Push Up' memories of Boris are there. Gotta say a big hello to you guys - thanks for the messages.

So we could only put up with that for about an hour - we headed home (well... to a very cold caravan) in a taxi.

Now is a good time to fill you in on all the little bits of fun and gossip!

It was funny when we booked in to the holiday place at Taupo... we asked about parking in the town and the lady said "Oh yeah there's lots of parking in the town. You only have two and a half hours".

So Gareth asks... "How much is it?"

Attendant: "Oh it's free!"

Gareth: "FREE?"

Attendant: "Yeah but move after that or you get a ticket!"

Gareth: "Oh. Right. How much is that?"

Attendant: "About 10 bucks." [4 quid]

Gareth: "COOL!"... "What happens if you don't move it after that?"

Attendant: "Well... they keep giving you more tickets."

They are just sooo harsh out there.

Fave New Zealand radio station: ZM

Funniest thing so far: Zorbing

Even funnier thing: Gareth casually trying to screw the water bottle cap back on to the cup. Hmmm.

Most knackered thing on our bus: Hmm. The heating. No wait, the tracking? urrrr oh maybe the tires? ummm but the curtains are falling off... um. It's just dead!

Best NZ saying: SWEET AS!

Funniest sign "Accident Zone"


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