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passiflora hollrungii

preying mantid!!!

Field team to collect P hollrungii

Hello again,

Well now I have time to put up the photos of the most beautiful passiflora in the whole world! It's so pretty. I am really happy that we found it. My work has been difficult here becuase of the communication issues with the people I am working with. Things are different in terms of how people deal with money, and the idea of receipts is a bit different. I have been trying to keep track of the money that I sent here in advance and after a chat today I think things are in better control. I will indeed be flying to Singpore on November 4th, since I dont think its great to sit here stuck in the hotel for two more weeks. I can't really go anywhere from the hotel becuase it's too dangerous to walk around myself. I am at the internet cafe now since two girls from the hotel walked me over, but now that the other man, Bob Johns, has left, I can't really go around myself. So I can sit in the hotel room watching BBC over and over, or read a book, but other than that, I have nothing to do. So if I go to Singapore, which I just changed my tickets to do today, then I can at least do some tourism around for two weeks (Nov 4-13) safely and not worry about being alone. It's also as expensive here as in Singapore, about 40-60 dollars per night for a hotel, but it's better being safe. Plus I have no need to stay here if I have the plants I came for! Anyway, that's the situation.

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