Alaska Anniversary Cruise travel blog

We leave the ship in a tender.

Approaching the dock.

A bike tour preparing to set off. The bike seats were kept...


Hoonah Harbor

"Northern Romance"

Flowers everywhere, even along the walls of a business building.



Flower barrels.

Colette's Cupboard

Old church.

Hoonah City Hall. The bulletin board is for both city and personal...

L. Kane Store and Hoonah Oil Company.


More flower barrels.

Watch Cat

Marker on a porch. We saw several of these.

Another marker on the porch. This looks like a VA provided marker.



We were just walking along the street, looking around, and taking some...

Looks like the Russians were here too.

Misty Morn on a misty morn.

Bench along the road. Bus stop?

The Office

Fresh crab at the Office.

Another bunch just came out of the cooker.

Washing them down.

Now they are breaking the back shell off. Note how he is...

They were drinking what is in the shell. Apparently they consider it...

This girl came out from her job inside to get some of...

This was offered to us, but...

Live Dungeness crab.

Live Dungeness crab.

Ace Hardware.

Walt found a pal.


A nice little place. Actually, I guess this was one of the...


Senor Frog on the front porch.



Hoonah biker.

Waiting for the bus and trying to keep the photo gear dry...

Native Theater.


Big, rusty chain.

Look out for the bear.

Reflections and mountain mist.


Lush cover growth.


Forest, old and new. This was clear cut in 1912.

One of the locals enjoys a snack while keeping an eye on...

The nature trail through the forest. Walt and I enjoyed this both...

Reaching for the light, but there is not much light to reach...

A moss draped log.

New life from an old stump.

Dismal forest.


Roots wrapped over and around and old stump.

Mossy roots and scaly bark.

A new tree(?) springs out of the old stump.

Our old knees got a workout taking pictures here.


These roots probably grew around a stump which has now rotted away...

Fungus growing on a tree trunk.


Macro of some tiny new growth.


Statendam from where the path comes out of the forest onto the...

A fellow passenger took this for us. The ms Statendam is in...

ms Statendam

ms Statendam


Snails on a rock along the beach.


Shells and a bone?

A beach bum? Looks like a pretty nice fellow.

Checking his photos.

This dog was barking at the waves, but they just kept on...

The dog paid no attention to anyone wandering along the beach.

Grow to the light.



Crazy growth.

Going to work.


Rusting away.




Hoonah chip fire.


Old cemetary.





A pre-dinner picture in the atrium. We could not find the ship's...


In the Explorer's Lounge


The four of us at our new table. All dressed up and...

Niced fruit cup.

This whale made an appearance during dinner.

The Anniversary Couple gets their Anniversary Cake. Surprise!

Our Anniversary Couple.

Dik Dik serves some after dinner coffee.


Andi with a ready smile.

Always at your service.

The creature in our room.

And its brother/sister in Walt and Carol's room.

We all got up fairly late except for Carol who had had breakfast, but went back up with Walt and me to have a cup of coffee while we ate. Icy Strait Point was looking pretty misty again, but we decided to head on in. At least Walt and I did. We did not have to wait too long for a tender and were soon back on the ground.

We took a shuttle into town. There is not a lot there. It is a typical small, isolated village. We wandered around and took some pictures, but I guess I don't really need to mention that.

We caught the shuttle back to the old cannery and retraced our trail through the rain forest. Even though we had made this same walk just a few days ago, we still enjoyed it and found plenty to look at (and to photograph).

On the tender back to the ship we sat next to the ship's doctor. He and his wife, a nurse, have been doing the cruise thing for quite awhile and he loves it. While their boys were growing up they would spend their summers aboard with Mom and Dad. They must have had some great experiences. We were also talking about the dreaded virus and by the time we reached the ship Walt and I were almost afraid to touch anything.

Tonight is a formal night so I guess I better wrap this up and go get ready before Joyce comes looking for me with fire in her eye.

Well, I made it without too much problem. She went easy on me...again. We got all duded up and went to dinner early to try to get pictures taken before dinner. Apparently, the photographers were all in the dining room taking pictures of the first sitting diners. We made do with the little cameras.

After dinner Walt and Carol were surprised with an anniversary cake and a singing of "Happy Anniversary." I think they were caught entirely by surprise.

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