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After a big night, i was woken early [9am] to get up and get ready to head back to Milan so I could return to Venlo. I slept most of the 1.5hr car ride to the airport and everything was fine when I arrived so I checked in and went to my gate.

I slept the whole way on the plane and met an Aussie girl, May, in the Airport who was on my flight so we had a quick chat and expected to part ways but we were both on the same bus to Dortmund Train Station so continued on with that.

We parted ways at the Station and although I got straight onto a train to Dusseldorf, it was hot as hell and took me 2hrs to arrive, it was the slowest train I've ever seen, it stopped at every station and even between stations just for good measure. At one point we were just rolling backwards for about 20m or so.

I finally arrived at Dusseldorf and Maud had left, as expected with me being 1.5hrs late, so I caught yet another train to Venlo. This train went a bit quicker but was still painful with the heat and lack of aircon.

I finally arrived and was thankful that I was met by Guus with the car instead of having to walk back.

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