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Well, after 8 months of trying, Korina has finally been offered a proper job. Its amazing how tight things are in the NHS here at the moment - I guess running a £1 billion deficit means that some cutbacks have to be made (and the NHS is running the UK's largest IT project - currently forecast at £6 billion over its initial £6 billion budget!).

She will be working for Sodexho - who basically provide outsourcing solutions in a wide range of sectors, including food service. So, my rough understanding of what she will be doing includes sort of working as a consultant, going into these outsourced food services and trouble shooting what they are doing wrong (and assessing what they do well), putting into place education programmes where necessary.

Its a great opportunity for her, and likely to pay at least an extra £6-10,000 over what she would have got working for the NHS.

Its somewhat interesting to me that the NHS wouldn't even employ her for a new graduate position (or anything more senior), but that in the private sector she is considered a good match for a position requiring 3-4 years professional experience! Sort of says somethting about the level of incompetence of management in the public sector generally, and in the NHS in particular I think.

The good news (for me) for her new job is that it is likely to include a car - which will be good for exploring a little more of the UK and Europe. The downside is that it will require quite a lot of travelling, meaning I will see a lot less of her - however, she's been so frustrated with the lack of progress on the career front that I'm sure she will be a lot happier now - which is really what I care about...

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