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The Glasshouse Mountains, between Brisbane and Hervey Bay

Back on the bus, this time to Hervey Bay. Our first stop on the way was Noosa, another surfie stop. This place is small but commercial, the kind of place that Australian families bring their kids for vacations. If you enjoy expensive shops and hotels and the beach then stop here.

We then got back on the bus and drove to Rainbow beach. This is a nowhere town that was used in the past for sand mining. I am not sure why we stopped here and in Noosa but being a passenger I just get off the bus for breaks when I am told. Some people decide to visit Fraser Island from here, but it isn't a popular stop. I got my first chance here to throw a boomerang and with no wind it is pretty difficult. No one was hurt in my attempts which is a bit disappointing. We then got back on the bus and drove to Hervey Bay. I would like to know why the Australians pronounce this "Harvey" Bay as there is no "a" in the spelling. This is the major stopping point for trips to Fraser Island which is where I am headed tomorrow.

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