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There may be raindrops on the glass, but at least it is...

A pano with obvious flaws, but it does give an idea of...


The face of the glacier is approximately 300 feet high and 6...







A glacier looms above the ship.




A "U" shaped glacially carved valley.

A last panorama as we sail away through Disenchantment Bay.

This map from Wikipedia shows how the area is laid out.


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We awoke to our alarm clock at 7 A.M. Joyce and I got dressed right away and headed up to see where we were. We were already approaching Hubbard glacier. Joyce went to the Crow's Nest and I headed out to the bow observation deck. I soon determined that was not a good place for the cameras to be as it was raining a little. I found another place that was more sheltered and took some pictures from there for awhile.

When I went looking for some breakfast I found Walt and Carol just finishing their breakfast. They stayed with me while I ate and then we all went to the Crow's Nest. I only stayed inside a short time then I went back out so I did not have to shoot through glass. Again, I found a partially sheltered area so I stayed out quite awhile.

When I came in I saw Walt sitting on one side and then I found Joyce and Carol up front. I sat with them a few minutes, but I just had to go back out. We stayed by the glacier for a couple of hours. The captain rotated the ship 360° a couple of times so everyone had a good view of the glacier no matter where they were watching from.

Sometime around 11 I was headed to the room to get my computer to download images. I have been doing that in the Explorer Lounge which has nice big windows so I can enjoy the views as I mess with the computer. I saw Carol at the elevator and told her what I was doing. When I got there she had a good spot staked out. She was reading.

She mentioned that the captain had announced that it would get rough again so people should take their seasickness pills by 11. I decided I did not want a repeat of last night so I went to the room to get pills for Carol and me. When I got there Joyce was there and was lying down. She said she was seasick even though she had taken a pill earlier...and it had not even started getting rough yet.

Sure enough at 11:50 A.M. we started having rougher seas than we had experienced to date on this cruise. For a short time we did have some pitching. It looked to me like we were hitting the seas at a bit of an angle and were almost broadside to them. Now at about 12:15 P.M. it is also very misty. The sea and the fog blend not far from the ship. We are also picking up rain drops on the windows here on the side of the ship so it must be raining gently, but steadily.

Another passenger just asked if I am online, which I am not at the moment. He said he has not been able to get on which I find interesting as I think this is the area where we could not connect last year. However I tried it shorly after I talked to him and got on right away to load this update.

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