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There was another surf lesson this morning, but I decided not to get cold and wet so I watched everyone from the beach and took some photos.

We left surf camp just before lunch and went on our way to Byron Bay. We stopped by a major banana growing area (the name of the town has slipped my mind) and also saw some sugar cane plantations and a field full of kangaroos. All in all, the driving portion of Australia sucks. With so much ground to cover each day you spend most of it seeing nothing. These coastal routes are designed for people who like beaches and I am not one of those people. I haven't seen anything I would consider cool except the small amount of wildlife. I hope this improves, but so far New Zealand is about a thousand times better than Australia.

Anyways, we got to Byron Bay and checked into the hostel. There is a massive music festival going on for the weekend so the place was already packed and going to get worse. As a result of this I decided I would not be staying in Byron Bay which would mean sitting on beaches for the most part anyways. I went to the "Cheeky Monkey" nightclub with the rest of the bus which was an interesting evening. There were games that people play for jugs of beer and other prizes. It also seems that a lot of women will enter a wet t-shirt contest if the prize is a scuba diving course. That was a step ahead for women's liberation if I have ever seen one. I didn't find out who won the contest because my bus was leaving early the next morning, but the whole experience must have been a barn burner.

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