Katie's Live and Unleashed 05/06 Worldwide Tour travel blog

Delhi - not really worthy of a whole entry: arrived very late on the Sunday night on the train from Agra where we said 'good-bye' to the 5 continuing to Katmandu, slept in, shopped a little, visited Pizza Hut (the last meal and I have been so good at eating curry every day for 3 weeks), watched a film, headed to the airport early with Helen who was very sick, Bex went to find her wedding and returned having been given a wrong address....

The moment I sat on the plane I broke into cold sweats - as soon as the seat-belt sign went off, I was in the toilet being sick - typically was the middle seat of the middle section so kept having to wake my neighbour to do a runner....

But arrived 30mins early and through so quickly that Mum was still on her way. Had breakfast in Heathrow Holiday Inn with Mum and Rob - remained being ill all day!!!

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