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After a complete mission of dealing with the paperwork associated with my company's cycle to work scheme, our HR department and several completely useless bike shops I've finally managed to complete the purchase of my new bike - and not before time, seeing as temperatures have reached a record 36.3 degrees this week making public transport a non-option (as it is always much hotter on the bus / tube than it is outside).

So I went for a Specialized Stumpjumper - I was tempted by the Marin equivalent (which I thought was a little more plush downhill), but in the end I went for the Specialized as it had a better all round ride.

Whilst a full suss bike may be complete overkill for around town - I've wanted one for about 2-3 years, and also wanted to get something that was pretty rugged and that I would be unable to break easily (as I seem to be quite good at this).

In the process of purchasing a bike, I went for a couple of rides out in the country - and managed to get completely lost. Lets just say there are a lot of bridal paths and trails across farm land here, most of which you can use without a farmer coming running out without a shotgun. However, they don't seem to like signs much - apparently they removed them to confuse the Germans in the war (in the event of an invasion) and have never quite got around to putting them all back...hmm...can anyone say GPS...!

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