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San Blas

San Blas

San Blas

San Blas

The Qorichaska hotel was pretty cold last time we stayed here but, with our new spacious room we were absolutely freezing all night. I swear I was warmer up in that tent on the inca trail and I've even had my woolly hat on all night. So we go out to find a new hotel that seems warmer for tonight.

We headed round the corner and popped into a place called Intiq Samana who would do us a room for $22. It is much smaller and seems much warmer and I think we were both drawn by the cable tv! So we drag our stuff round and get settled in. After our trail there's laundry to sort. Unfortunately, the shower is only lukewarm despite the intervention - twice - of the hotel staff. I guess you can't get everything in this town unless you are willing to pay a fortune.

We've a bit of sorting to do today. First, we try to find out about a bus to Puno .. this involves lots of fruitless taxi rides and difficult conversations before we finally work out that the best way is to go directly to the bus station and fight it out with the agencies there .. we're booked on a 20 sole bus for 11:30.

Then we pop into the LAN office to change our flight date from Lima to Buenos Aires ... it's easily done ... that makes a change.

We find a nice spot for lunch and, unusually, some cooked vegetables and pasta and a really good cappuccino ... it becomes customary to measure everything by the standard of the coffee we have. It just feels nice to have some 'fresh' food, especially after all the stomach troubles we were having with the altitude.

As it's our last day in Cusco, we want some shopping time. The artesan quarter is around San Blas square which we hadn't visited as yet. It's quite a charming part of town but seems also house a lot of the tourist haunts. Well, i guess we are tourists too and there are some beautiful paintings, antiques and handicrafts in this area. Fran picks out a picture and I buy a few trinkets.

As we're wandering through the shops we bump into Sorana and Brett .. with everything we were doing, we'd forgotten that we were going to contact them when we got back from the trail. We exchange a few trail stories and comments:

"It was SO steep"

"wasn't the Dead Woman's Pass hard?"

"It was cold that first night!"

and then arrange to meet for dinner.

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