Left Anchorage late this morning. I guess Tank must have worn us out because we couldn't get out of bed early enough. In any event, didn't leave until after 11:00 after getting fuel. It is much less expensive here - only $2.85 a gallon. Beats the $5.00 per gallon we paid in Canada.

Drove a little over 200 miles; first on the Glenn Highway (Rt. 1) eastbound, then southbound on Rt. 4 (Richardson Highway) toward Valdez. The weather was beautiful - around 73 degrees and sunny. The road was incredibly windy and narrow though with switchbacks across the mountain passes. The views were stunning - wide braided rivers with steep snow-covered peaks. The Chugach Mountains are lovely with glacier after glacier visible over the tops of the peaks and through the valley.

When we approached Glenallan, we could see the Wrangell Range in front of us. The big four mountains in view range from 10,000+ to a high of around 16,000 so they were impressive and we could actually see them.

We decided to just find a pull-out and what a spot we found!!!! Right on the shores of Willow Lake with a view across the lake at the highest of the Wrangell range peaks; Mt. Sanford, Wrangell and Drum. When we arrived, a thunderstorm was brewing and shortly thereafter, it hit - but the mountains across the lake were in full sunlight - an incredible view with, of course, the most beautiful rainbow arching over the mountain.

However, didn't get a chance for a walk because the area was so remote there were no trails to speak of - although Bob probably could have found a game trail. We did buy bear spray today though.....

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