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The group of us..

The best wave we caught all day!!

Em and wave

Wave and Em

Andy and wave (even cool enough to get the thumbs up!)

About to fall off??

Getting the hang of it



Cool as a cucumber!!

What a pro.. look at the balancing technique!!

Look at the weather!!

Woke up to pouring rain and quickly wished we hadn't booked to go surfing this morning!!.. We went and checked at reception but they confirmed it was still on so off we toddled to get changed into our bathers!!

Were picked up at 9 and quickly assured that the water would be a lot warmer than the outside temperature - thankfully it was, so after going through the basics on the beach we picked up our board gave it our best Baywatch run into the sea and set about trying to stand up!!

We were actually pleasantly suprised that we both managed to stand up using the basic 4 steps, and even managed to catch a wave in together (which was the best we both caught all day!). By the end I (Andy) was being taught to paddle with the wave, jump up and catch it all in one without the 4 steps but all this is still to be mastered!!!... We have both now officially caught the surfing bug... don't worry no surf board will be bought (well maybe not!)...

Have spent the rest of the day looking around the shops, and going to go out for a meal later. We really like Byron, a great little place, fingers crossed the weather picks up tomorrow as we are planning to go for a walk up to the lighthouse and Captian Cook lookout. I need a suntan too, unsuprisingly Em is a lot browner than me ;(

Also had the BEST fish and chips for tea from Fish Heads. Fish so fresh that you stick a fork in it (a plastic free fork at that) and it falls to pieces. Yummy. Will be eating this again before we leave Byron.

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