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OK we all woke up with major hangovers and headed into town. We decided to have a look round as we weren't due to get on the boat until 2pm. We passed the office for the company we were sailing with and decided to pop in. Oops,we should have checked in the day before never mind! After a bit of frantic we have to go back and sort things, we got it all done and then we were sat by the marina waiting to board the boat.

The boat was a sailing boat and there were 12 people on board plus two crew which was nice as it wasn't too crowded.

The skipper was Ron and the deck hand/chef was Jim. They had both been sailing for years and were really nice. They were both really knowledgable about the islands and were able to answer any questions.

Shay was still feeling hung over and was very subdued all day whihc was quite nice for the rest of us as it gave us some peace! The food we had on board was really good and it was impressive at how much can be cooked in a galley kitchen 1 metre square!

That night we anchored in Turtle Bay and I slept out on deck, all the others slept below deck. The sky was so clear and there were lots of starts, it was a really cool experience.

The next morning we were all up about 6am as that was when the sun came up. We had breakfast and headed to Whitehaven Beach. On the way we saw a turtle just coming up for air and we saw dolphins swimming next to the boat it was really cute!

Whitehaven is on of those beached that looks spectacular on postcards, clear water and pure white sands, and when we got there it was exactly like that. The sand is silicon, not whatever sand normally is, and was pure white. It squeaks when you walk on it and it really fine.

When we got on the beach, the girls put their stinger suits on and looking really cool, ran into the water! they all splashed around for while and then we just sunbathed.

Jim came and picked us up and we headed back to the boat for lunch, after that we set sail for Pittstop which was off Border Island where we went snorkelling. We saw a shark and a stingray as well as a multitude of different fish it was really amazing! Once we got got bored we went back to the boat and we sailed to Ravens cove where we dropped anchor fpr the night. The cove was really beautiful and water was so calm it was more like being on a lake, on three sides we were surrounded by tree covered mountains and we all sat on deck chatting and watching the sun going down it was a really nice evening. Ruth, Sarah and Shay decided to join kezza out on the deck the second night and we atar gazing a chatted for a while and giggled a lot! Shay decided to go back inside about 2am as she was freezing and couldnt take it anymore!

We all woke up early the next morning and it was a gorgeous day, we were all sitting around on deck when we saw a couple of sharks swimming round by the boat, we were going to go snorkelling that morning but everyone felt a little less inclined to do so after seeing the sharks! Instead we headed round the Island and went and saw some Aborginal paintings which looked like tennis racquets! We also got to get some really good pictures of the boat with her sails up which was cool!

After that excitment we headed back to Airlie beach, on the way Ruth, Sarah and Shay helped hoist the sails and steer the boat. It was highly amusing as it took all three of us to raise one sail! lame! But it was good fun and we were chatting to Ron our skipper who explained loads of interesting things to us about the area.

In the evening we met up with everyone on the boat and we went out for a couple of drinks. Ruth, Sarah and I stayed out after everyone else went home and Ruth got very friendly with our skipper before we went back to the hostel! A good night was had by all!

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