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Andrea at the Kindergarten - notice toy gun!

Lunch in the township

Lena - 80 years old, from the Damara tribe

Andrea gets very close to a large cat !

Jonathan and the Cheetah

Andrea and the Cheetah


Baby Cheetahs

More Cheetahs

After another long drive we arrived in Swakopmund, which is a very German city on coast. It was very eerie when we arrived on a Sunday with no one about.

We finally gave up the tents for three days while we stayed in A-frame chalet like buildings which was nice for a change. There was a lovely hotel in the old train station (ah, the old life!) - where we had a gin & tonic in the afternoon - purely to keep away the malaria, we assure you!

In addition, a coffee never tasted so good as it did at the "Out of Africa" coffee shoppe - I think the owner began to get a bit suspicious after our third day in the town and our 9th visit! At this point in the trip we felt that we hadn't really encountered too many African people (other than our drivers) - so we decided to go on a tour of the township there called Mondesa.

Given that the country was formerly run by the Germans, Mondesa was much more organised than some of the townships that I (Andrea) had been to previously in South Africa. We walked around, met with a elder Damara woman and also a woman of the Herero tribe. We visited a kindergarten where the children sang for us, and also asked us to sing for them (we chose YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE). They took us to a Shabeen (bar) in the township where Jonathan challenged our guides to a game of pool. We then ate lunch with them - the food was interesting and comes from the Ovambo tribe which is the largest group in Namibia. The delicacies included fried Mopane Worms, which we both ate - yep, you guessed it, tastes like chicken!

After another day of relaxation and eating lunch out (nice break from camp food) - we drove up to the Cape Cross Seal Colony up the coast which wasn't very pleasant to smell - but there were thousands of them (minus the 200 that they kill every morning before 10am and process in the plant right next to the snack bar!)

Driving further inland it quickly became much hotter and we visited Twyfelfontein where there are some 6,000 Bushmen engravings and paintings including the White Lady (actually a medicine man). That night we stayed at a place that takes care of Cheetah's who have been captured by farmers - instead of killing them, they are brought here.... and we were able to pet one of the tamer one's - and we saw some baby cubs that were adorable!!

Next stop, Etosha National Park.


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