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Ok I'm sure i already wrote this, but it doesn't seem to have materialised - I may have been imagining it since the past few days have been a bit of a surreal blur.

Well, I left Melbourne on Sunday night and headed to Red Cliffs, which is aboout 15km south of Mildura, which itself is about 550km north if Melbourne. Now I had read that Mildura was a mere 4 hours drive from Melbourne, but the 9 hour night bus said different. I arrived at 6.30 in the morning, feeling more than a little tired, and getting iller by the second (cold caught a few days before).

I managed to get to bed eventually and spent the rest of the day generally getting my bearings and interrogating people about how much money was to be made either picking oranges or pruning vines. Not a lot as it turns out, and certainly not the decent amount they had made out over the phone when i rang to ask about the work. My start of work was also put back a day so i could start at the same time as a group that were arriving the following day, so i had another day to kill in the middle of nowhere.

This probably led me to think too much about things, and this, combined with a promising sounding phone call from my agency in Melbourne, prompted me to consider returning to this fair city (did that give the ending away), which i did that very evening. It's not that i would have minded doing the work, but i didn't really want to be stuck in that poxy one-horse town (no offence to the local residents - i'm sure it's lovely once you get to know it. it's certainly warm for the middle of winter)for what would be a third of the time before i got back. It had also dawned on me (and i don't know why i hadn't thought of it before) that all the people that were there weren't in it for the meagre money, but to get their visas extended - something i had given up on long ago.

So i took a chance on the job back in melbourne and caught my second night bus in 3 days (ick), and now i'm back.And more ill. And unemployed.

I think it must be part of the job to sound encouraging and optimistic when ringing from an agency, as i had assumed that the confirmation of the job I had been told about was pretty much a formality. Sadly not - i hadn't actually got it in the end, so now I'm jobless and in melbourne for at least another week.

Oh well, i suppose i'll just have to start my journey up the coast a little sooner than anticipated. I'm fairly sure I can conserve money by lying in beaches for a bit longer than i had originally planned. i think i'll cope!

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