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Kumbhalgarh fort (1)

Kumbhalgarh fort (2)

Kumbhalgarh fort (3)

Close up of the second gate

Overview of the area inside the main gate

One of the many temples (spot that camel !)

Another temple and the keep

The path up to the keep

We went into the temple where Maharana Kumbha was born

And got given those spot things (sorry don't know what they are...

The Aravalli Mountains

Bad hair/spot day

Tip: Don't get them put on in the dark

Ambassador, you have really spoilt us

What do you mean "Your spot is running" ?

Now forts on the other hand, we love 'em. You need a good fort every day and there's always time for a good fort. Kumbhalgarh was built by Maharana Kumbha in the 15th century in the Aravalli mountains. This fort was taken only once in history, which took the combined armies of Akbar, Amber and Marwar and then they only held onto it for 2 days.

The fort walls stretch for 36km, enclose 360 temples, as well as palaces, gardens, 700 cannon bunkers and camels. We only had an hour which was not enough time to do it justice and would love to come back and explore.

On the way to the fort our drivers got lost, twice. We soon realised that we had a better sense of direction than they did when they wanted to drive past the outer fort gate. The 40km journey from Ranakpur to Kumbhalgarh took over 2 hours - muppets! Maybe this explains why the fort was only taken once as they couldn't find it either ! Still solid.

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