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It didn't take long to realize that the best way to travel Australia is in a camper van. After doing some research, we decided our route would be to drive along the eastern coast from Sydney to Cairnes (pronounced Cans) which, based on our calculations, we would need at least three weeks to do.

We picked up our new home in the southern suburbs of Sydney and miraculously made our way through the city without any blunders. I don't think miraculously is a stretch considering we haven't driven much at all in 8 months, the camper van is not a small, maneuverable vehicle, driving is on the left hand side of the road with many, many roundabouts, not to mention the tires are misaligned and the van pulls hard to the left. A major undertaking, indeed.

Newcastle, our first stop was in close proximity to Australia's wine country, comparable to Sonoma or Napa in size, so we made our first detour to Hunter Valley to do some wine tasting. I am a connoisseur in the making, and enjoyed hearing about, smelling and tasting the differences between Australian, Italian, and Californian wines. Australia specializes in grapes I had never heard before, i.e. Semillon and Verdelho. We were both a big fan of the Chardonnays - which complimented the warm, sunny, crisp day. We purchased a sample from each of the four wineries we visited and were on our way. . .


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