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Ok so absolutely nothing has changed since the last entry. We need to get out of the 'holiday' mode and do something constructive!

but we are just having too much fun! we have booked into the hostel for another week, if you lot could see where we are living you would think we are mad! rooms are the size of shoeboxes, its 80% men so you can imagine how smelly it is, the hostel has a dog that goes to the loo in the corridor (and we're not just talking number ones here!)and the guy who owns it is completely off his head! but we love it! its like one big family, there are sofas everywhere where you can just chill and talk to people at all hours. everyone is really laid back, its walking distance to the city and most importantly its full of irish men!!!

as there arent many s we are being totally spoiled and its like having a million older brothers looking out for you. some of them have lived in the hostel for 7 months! once you get into it its hard to leave.

Mel & i went to the hairdressers yesterday as we needed pampering after weeks of living like bag ladies (well i def needed to!) - ok i realise this isnt exactly top of the priority list, a job is more important but we just needed to be girlies for the day. so off we trot to the salon and decide to do something radical. so now Mel has purple hair and what are supposed to be a few highlights in my hair have actually turned into very blonde hair! not sure if i like it, but it makes me look a lot browner and healthier. Em stayed in bed, lazy minx!

today we promise (i know you have heard this before but we mean it this time) to go to the backpackers place and sort jobs etc.

will put another entry on when we manage to achieve something, and promise to take some pics of our new 'hair dos' so you can make up your own minds

love to you all

vik, mel & em x

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