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Big box of britishness

Couple of chavs

Katie and Korina getting into a fight

All the bobbies

Katie, Gretchen, Kirsten and me

Bret and Nicky

Cheeky 'stash

Chav with an England flag

A rather depressed looking Martin after England are booted out of the...

Kirsten likes his trudgeon

JB and Anna

I think this looks scarily natural on Nicky...1

I think this looks scarily natural on Nicky...2

Dougie and Joni

Martin and JB


Bret, Nathan and Kirsten

2 punks

2 punks and Nathan

Nathan and Kirsten

Korina the lone chav

Korina and Kirsten on the stage

Distasteful chav couple shot

Korina, Kirsten and Nicky on the stage

ASBO for being 2 chav

Bret and Nathan redressing

Martin and me chaving it out in the recycle bin 1

Martin and me chaving it out in the recycle bin 2

Getting an ASBO for being a geezer 1

Getting an ASBO for being a geezer 2

Me as a chav

More ASBOs being handed out

Korina, Martin and me

Korina and Katie

Korina and people from Bibendum

Kitchen dancing 1

Kitchen dancing 2

Korina, JB and Anna


Kirsten deputises

The backyard

Kitchen dancing 3

JB, Korina and me

The kitchen starts to get crazy

My air guitar

Martin tuning his air guitar

Martin's air guitar

Kirsten and Me

Kirsten and Me

Kirsten's porn star impersonation

The day after the night before 1

The day after the night before 2

The day after the night before 3

The day after the night before 4

The day after the night before 5

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Sweet child o mine

Seven months in the planning, and we finally got around to having our flatwarming last night. Much better option to have it in summer than in the middle of winter which was the original plan. The theme for the night was 'British Icons' which involved the following costumes from Mutrix inmates:

Bret - The 'original' bobby

Kirsten and Nicky - punks

Korina and myself - chav bastards

For those reading this from an antipodean background, a chav bastard is basically someone who is white trash over here. Sort of like a bogan, except mostly they don't have enough money for cars, and certainly don't take the sort of pride in them that boags to back home.

Mostly what they are known for is drinking in the street, being unemployed, vandalism, petty crime, getting into fights, speaking without using full stops, ASBOs (Antisocial Behaviour Orders) and having children before the age of 15.

We also put on a range of British food and drink including tea (Long Island variety), scotch eggs, crisps, fish fingers, pork pies and scones. We also had British music playlists including Artic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Blur, Basement Jaxx and a host of others.

Anyway, the night was a real hit, and only finished when the sun started coming up sometime around 4.30am. Probably the funniest story was after crashing when for some unknown reason I picked up a pint of water and proceeded to pour it on Martin's head (he was sleeping on our floor). Once the plastic glass was open I then dropped it on his head. Ah the things you do after a few ales...

Otherwise, my memory is quite blurry in some places, so probably best to let the pictures do the rest of the speaking...

Highlight of the night again was air guitar to Guns and Roses (Sweet Child o Mine) by the surviving crew at the end of the night...

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