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Boat trip through the caves

On our way down south to Wellington, we stopped off for a brief 45 minute tour of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. These glow-worm larvae are pretty cool. They look like the Milky Way when you go see them in the dark. The brighter they are, the hungrier they are. The larvae actually use the bioluminescent light to attract bugs to eat. They secrete stringy mucous from their mouths, flying bugs get stuck to it, then they slurp the insects up. When the worms finally turn into adults (they look like larger mosquitos), they're actually born without mouths so they can't eat. The only function they have at that point is to reproduce. The males are often waiting for the females to break out of their cocoons, and mating takes place immediately. Eventually they starve to death and die. What a life, huh?

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