Dan In The South Pacific 2006 travel blog

We left the farmstay at about 1:00 pm. A couple of the other people wanted to do more bone carving so they got up early and got back to it. I spent the time playing ping pong and packing up my junk.

We drove farther along the east cape and tried to get to the lighthouse right at the most easterly point of NZ, but the road was closed. Oh well, that was supposed to be our activity for the day.

We then drove to Te Kaha, another small settlement and met the O'Brien family which hosted us at their homestay. This is a nice place, but it was pretty awkward. The family hangs out with you, but due to the rain and early darkness all we really did was watch Disney Channel because there were young kids who had control of the television. The dinner they prepared for us was awesome. I would like to say that Kumara is my favorite NZ food, more than the pies. If you find Kumara in Canada buy it and invite me over because I love this stuff. The family sang us a welcome song and were very hospitable, but I still think that living in someones house is weird. They say make yourself at home, but if I was at home I would have been raiding the fridge.

The weirdest thing was that Paul (I think that was his name), the O'Brien Patriarch, called everyone Che. Everybody from us, to his dogs, to his wife was Che to him. It was weird.

In the evening we watched the Australia "State of Origin" rugby league match between Queensland and New South Wales. Queensland won, but I really don't get rugby, I much prefer North American sports.

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