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TRAT - Ferry Harbour!


KOH CHANG - Fisherman village - beside my bungalow

On our way to Mt Bokor

Tiny fisherman village in an isolated place (house in background)

Main street in our tiny fisherman village

Two boys showing us the village- on both side are their house

On our way to Mt Bokor

Little break to gather some wood for the night on our way...

Lunch in a falling apart building but protecting us from the rain

Picture taken from the pick-up as we are driving. NOPE, it is...

TRAT - Harbour - construction of a fishing boat

Still at the harbor village

TRAT - from the roof of the building

New friend for Pam and I. The wooden piece is their local...

Well, I didn't succeed, never popped up for me!!!

KOH CHANG - CHIANG MAI village - pretty exotic, huh!

CHIANG MAY river, as Brigit is behind me, I am leading the...



WEDNESDAY, 27TH - After two adventurous days in SIHANOUKVILLE, we took successively a pick-up truck, a ferry up to the Thailand border and an other pick-up truck up to TRAT.

It was a 7 hours journey, including 4 freezing hours on the ferry, the AC was malfunctioning and was set up so low (15C) that at one point I offered that we all start a Polar Bear's hunt with the intent of warming us up!

On the boat, we met Olivier (a young French traveler) who joined our group for the two following days.

In TRAT, we all joined on the market to have some local street food.

Later on, we discovered that the roof of the hotel was giving access to numerous other buildings terraces, we decided to go take some pictures by night from up-high, that was magical!

The effervescence in the streets was a fantastic and frenetic ballet of pick-up trucks and chariots carrying tons of dead pigs, sliced in half, and totally exposed to the wet air...and insects!

Numbers of merchants on motorbikes were driving with, on their side, a chariot triple size of their moto, using only one hand to pull it along!

We were amazed, and finally decided to come down to earth to explore the market and watched the merchants unloading their carts and pick-up.

Being tired by our long journey and the wake-up call being set up at 6:00am the following day, we ended going to bed early (00:30am!) with the intent to catch the first ferry for KOH CHANG island ("Elephant Island" in Thai) on the following day.


Vendredi 28: KOH CHANG - Yesterday, I met Bridgit, a German girl and we went for a 2 hours elephant ride in the jungle and river, that was so much fun, except for the feeling of sitting down on a a bed of tooth-picks or nails, as their hairs are so thick!

Later on, I joined her on the beach where we had Pad Thai for dinner and flambed banana for dessert.

We also played like kiddos using swings suspended on trees above the ocean, until one of Brigitte's shoes disappeared in a big wave :-)).

Fortunately, I had my flashlight and after a search in the water we were able to spot it and jump on it before the wave took it back! AH, life and its simple pleasure!



Mercredi 27: apres deux jours charges d'aventures passes a SIHANOUKVILLE, nous avons pris successivement un pick-up truck, un ferry qui nous a amene a la frontiere Thailandaise et un autre pick-up truck jusqu'a TRAT.

C'etait un voyage ereintant de 7 heures, sous une pluie battante et comprenant 4 heures de congelation complete sur le ferry, la clim avait un probleme et etait reglee tellement basse (15C) que j'ai propose a un moment que nous commencions une chasse a l'Ours Polaire histoire de nous rechauffer!

Sur le bateau, nous avons rencontre Olivier (un jeune francais voyageant seul) qui s'est joint a nous pour les deux jours suivants.

A TRAT, nous nous sommes tous rejoint sur le marche pour manger la nourriture locale preparee a sur place, a meme le sol ou sur etales.

Plus tard, nous avons decouvert que le toit de l'hotel donnait acces a de nombreuses terrasses d'immeubles attenants. Nous avons donc decide d'aller prendre des photos nocturnes prises "du ciel"! C'etait completement magique.

L'effervescence dans les rues etait fantastique, c'etait un ballet frenetique de pick-up truck et carioles transportant des tonnes de carcasses de porc, tranchees en transversale et totalement exposees a l'air humide et...aux insectes!

La plupart des marchands etaient en moto (ou mobylette!) conduisant, a leur cotes, des etales d'une taille 3 ou 4 fois plus grande que leur moto, utilisant une seule main pour le tirer!

Nous etions ebahis, et avons finalement decide de redescendre sur terre et d'aller explorer le marche, regardant les marchands decharger leur carioles et pick-up.

Etant ereintes après notre long voyage, le reveil etant regle a 6:00am le lendemain matin, nous nous sommes tous ecroules de bonne heure (00:30am!) afin d'aller prendre le premier ferry pour l'ile de KOH CHANG (l'ile des Elephants) le lendemain matin.


Vendredi 28: KOH CHANG - Hier, j'ai rencontre Bridgit, une jeune allemande et avons decide d'aller faire un tour a dos d'elephant pour explorer la jungle et la riviere, c'etait vraiment trop hilarant, si ce n'est que nous avions l'impression d'etre assises sur un lit de cure-dents our clous tant leur poils sont drus.

Plus tard, je l'ai rejointe sur la plage ou nous avons eu un excellent Pad Thai pour dinner et des bananas flambees pour dessert.

Nous nous sommes egalement amusees comme des petites gamines avec les balancoires suspendues aux arbres au-dessus de l'ocean, jusqu'a ce qu'une sandale de Bridgit disparaisse dans une grosse vague ;-)).

Heureusement, j'avais ma lampe de poche et après une recherche intensive dans l'eau, nous l'avons apercu et nous nous sommes depechees de la repecher avant que la vague ne la reprenne!

AH, la vie et ses simples plaisirs!

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