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rearview mirror shot of a guy reading his novel while driving along...

tennis doubles in Saga City

enjoying the sunshine along a river bank

pot luck dinner at Rumi's place

the guests

Rumi on scales that tell you your bodies age... I got 19yrs...

at the cycling track ready for the Japan x Croatia game

photo with the mayor (he's the guy to my right)

Karen and I with some of my students who had snuck in...

Date: June 9th - June 21st

It should come as no surprise to anyone that since the 9th June my life has been dominated by world cup action and many, many late nights. The games here are usually on around the midnight, 4am, sort of mark so it's fair to say the world cup is certainly not conducive to alertness during the day. Oh well, fuck it. The world cup is once every four years right! Now, what was a surprise is how much Karen has got into the tournament. She is MENTAL about it and probably could tell you more about each team, the results, who is in form, who is on a yellow card etc than I could. The reason is because I got her to sign up to the virtual football league run through TVNZ. I have no idea how but she is, at time of writing this, top of the table and loving it. Myself you ask, well I'm now sitting a comfortable second to last (thanks Dad) and certainly NOT loving it. I have to catch her, or, more importantly, at least Andrew, before the final!

So yeah, the world cup has taken over our nights and has left us with little room for much else. With the little spare time we do have we have managed to spend some time hanging out with anther couple, Nick and Kate. Both are ALT's. Nick is from Boston and Kate is from NZ, and both of them are awesome fun. The only downer is that Kate is not re-contracting, so come August will be outta here. A week after the world cup got underway they came over to our place to cook us dinner! How sweet is that!! After dinner we enjoyed some quite drinks while playing some NZ edition monopoly with the football on in the back ground. The next day we went to Tan's hood to play some tennis and have a swim in the outdoor pool. It's fair to say, though, that I had a totally mooser as I failed to apply sunscreen and couldn't comfortably lie on my back for the next four days. God it was sore. But on the plus side it's now pealing and patchy... mmmm....

Oh, just thought, the day before Nick and Kate came for the night, I had my wallet stolen. One word, Racist!

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