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a small section of Osaka

View from my hotel window

an abandoned amusement park

harbour land where we had dinner

Native Indians everywhere

famous Kobe landmarks

ferris wheel by night

night time roaming the streets

why did the Japanese man cross the road?

our three random Japanese friends

greatest karaoke photo ever!

tan's found a fellow "Lam"

Date: May 24th - May 26th

Being a first year re-contracting JET I was required to attend a three-day conference in Kobe, all expenses paid... bummer! Actually, what could have been a total blast and lots of fun ended up being a business trip, with a couple of nice dinners in the city thrown in for good measure. This was because I took on a professional attitude and decided to get the most out of the conference and its many workshops. Most of the workshops were a bundle of information and ideas, though of course there were the occasional couple thrown in to really test our boredom levels.

So, like I said I went to the conference events during the day but for the two nights I was there got to have dinner in the city centre (we were stationed in a very nice hotel on an island of sorts with only business type buildings in our vicinity. Kobe seemed like a very nice city, but really not that spectacular. It was just, well, a Japanese city... nice looking, sure, special, not really. The second night out was a lot of fun as a group of us guys ended up having pizza in a small Italian-style-Japanese-owned-pub. We were joined by three random Japanese guys who we had asked for directions to a Jamaican place that we never did find. After a very yummy dinner and a few drinks we found ourselves in a karaoke room banging out the hits like it was 1985! Great fun. After a few hours karaoke (one hour is NEVER enough) we went for a wander before ending up in a hip-hop bar. Hmmm... had a bit of a dance with Tan and Jon, the DJur played a bit of Naughty by Nature.... Hip-hop horray.... Ho... hey... before the group split with a couple of us heading back to hotel for some sleep.

The final day was a bit of a dull affair as after the conclusion of the JET proceedings, which were long and drawn out, we had a decent number of travelling hours before I finally walked in the front door.

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