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Our group of friends together again (karen is the glue)

Rumi-chan vs Kinu-sensei in a fight to the death...

Kinu-sensei is being a hamster I think?!

Monkey boys

a bit of man love... its not gay if its your friend...

Karen fighting to see the screen

a little bit of narn bread

taking a slash


we substituted Naomi Watts for our very own Maurice...

mayday... mayday...

there's always time for a photo with my girl

check out this little guy pulling his way up to make a...

cooling off at the base of the waterfall

Maurice and I adding a bit of scale

Date: May 15th - May 23rd

Well no secrets what was the highlight of the week following the orphanage visit, and the month of May in fact! Karen's safe return a month faster than we had thought possible was fantastic. While, unfortunately I was unable to meet her at the airport, or even the train station in Takeo, because I had to work in the morning marking exams (wow, definitely the most "teacherish" I have felt yet!). So poor Karen, half thinking that I was lying and would actually be waiting for her at the airport to help with the small house of a back pack she brought back, walked out to nothing. Pretty sure she got a second wind of excitement thinking, "ok, he wasn't at the airport, fair enough, but he will sooo be at the Takeo station...", only to again be met with an Angus-free waiting area. However, it wasn't long before I was racing home from school and bounding through the front door to grab her.

We had our first proper group gathering, since Karen's departure a month before, on the Friday after her return. In typical fashion we had a blast and finished off a decent number of drinks playing games and catching up. Hearing Rumi put on a Southern American accent (in a mans voice for some unknown reason) was a real highlight for me.... "You want my beer?..." Priceless. The night finished with everyone having a go at some drunk blogging as it was my turn on the roster of our Saga JET Blog.

The next day Karen and I had a nice Saturday Date Day. We drove into Saga city and went to a movie and then had proper Indian food (very rare in our neck of the woods/rice fields). The movie was crap (da vinci code) but the food was great and the company even better. The weather turned it up for us with sunshine streaming down causing Karen to curse being back here for the Japanese summer!! Haha... it hasn't even half started yet!

After meeting up with Maurice and making full use of a car now we did a bit of much needed "missioning" on the Sunday. Basically just got in the car with a waterfall in mind and took off. Driving around in Japan just provides so many things to stop off and explore. Among the things we got side tracked with were, a few hundred steps that led to a temple atop a hill, a massive, and I mean massive, gorilla model, a fake plane crashed into an embankment, and a huge dome/shrine at the top of a mandarin orchard. The waterfall itself was really beautiful and provided a very refreshing spray of cool water to contrast the deathly hot sun. All in all a great Sunday mission.

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