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eggs galore all needing to be filled

two for them... four for me....

my little guy grabbing an egg

look what he's got

my guy was definitely the coolest kid there!

the standard group shot

a little terror coming to get me (he didn't though cause I...

scary girl mixing it up with a couple of stickers

relaxing at lunch after a hard mornings work

Date: May 14th

Location: Saga Orphanage

On a hot, sunny Sunday I found myself standing around in a group consisting of a load of ALT's stuffing sweets into little plastic eggs. We were outside the Saga Orphanage preparing for our second visit of the year. The game plan this time was to give the kids an Easter egg hunt, but because of the heat we figured sweets would be better than chocolate as they don't melt so fast.

I found my second trip there more thought provoking than my first. I think it was because I kind of knew how things would run this time that I was able to sit back and really look around at the setting and the kids, trying to put myself if their shoes. Wow, those kids are strong. It's so hard to think how life must be for them, and other orphans around the world. My heart goes out to them.

The egg hunt itself was a load of fun as half the kids got to run around the garden "hiding" plastic eggs before the second half went off hunting, and then vice-versa. Most off us had at least one kid who had taken a shine to us by this point and spent the next three hours as human climbing frames. The boy who liked me just wanted piggy back rides and loved it when I went running round or pretended to be a horse cantering. He, however, lacked any sympathy for me under the intense heat while I sweated like a witch at the stake... but then he's and orphan so gets a get out of jail card doesn't he! (Joking...he'll end up in jail for sure.... Ok. Sorry that was a poor joke). He was really sweet and just wanted hugs and human contact. Again all the kids loved the visit, almost as much as the ALT's, and things finished off again with a couple of mean games of dodgeball!

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