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The Corinth Canal

Farewell to Patras and Greece

Bari's university square

Greetings from Italy,

As I have a couple of hours to wait before my train leaves for Rome, I thought that I would just log in with you at the start of another long week, although as always when you are having fun, I am sure that it will fly by (and not just the landscape flying past the train window).

Yesterday was a good day travel wise as not only have I have crossed my 3rd national boundary, and my mobile has been on its fourth different national network of the trip (well, 5 if you count T-Mobile back in the UK) - as it picked up the Albanian Vodafone network while I was on the ferry. Now that's something else that I have learnt on this trip, that the Albanians have mobile phones - well, it's not something that I'd ever considered on any level before.

It was a really strange feeling last night sat in the cafe\bar of the ferry from Patras (Greece) waiting for it to close as I had found a comfy looking sofa to lay my head on for the night, and all I wanted was a bit of peace & quiet to try it. Unfortunately appearances were deceiving and everytime that I thought that I had got myself comfortable a nut or bolt under the seat made its presence known in my side or back.

The train from Athens was ok, incredibly crowded though, and also very cenic in places as the train hugged the cliff, with nothing but a 100 metre plus plummet to the sea below (think of the line past Dawlish (for those of you who know it) and then add a large frisson of uncertainty due to the age & safety of the train), but the highlight of the journey was travelling across the Corinth canal.

Bari itself seems quite pleasant (it reminds me of Malmo in Sweden) even if I wouldn't want to spend too much time here myself.


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