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Helen having a good look at all the geo-thermal activity. She thinks...

Random holes often appear all over the town. Inside you can see...

The whole is fenced away so no-one has a cheeky peek (like...

One of Rotorua's bubbling mudpools! It's disgusting and smelly - but a...

More Rotorua steam coming from the town park. Fantastic!

More steam rising in the distance.

Steam rising over the road on the way to Taupo. All looks...

The weather can change very quickly out here!

HEY MARTIN GODFREY! - This is a geo-thermal powerstation! So now you...

Huka Falls - north of Taupo! Full blown white water!

Huka Falls facing the other way - amzing - with one hell...

Heather and Helen at Huka Falls

This is "Craters Of The Moon." Great stuff - but you've seen...

"Bloody Hell that smells!"

Imagine this in Freemans Catalogue. Perfect.

Looking at the end of the world - Craters Of The Moon,...

The Boardwalk across Craters Of The Moon - you can't leave the...

THIS - is ZORBING! You jump in these balls!

And... you get launched down this hill!

Another Zorb ready for action!

Zorbing baby!

Yes. At last. Gareth and Helen met the zorb!

Hi again! Today was great! We woke up and drove off (I like that!) into Rotorua town. Rotorua is a bit special because it's in a geo-thermal area. There is literally steam coming out of the ground. It's pretty wierd to see. The steam rises out silently and very spookily. It also is very dangerous so you have to keep away! It doesn't just go in the town park either! Sometimes you just randomly see the stuff coming out of drains or through the pavement! The whole area around here is the same... and we're not just talking about a kettle's worth of steam - it looks like there are chimneys everywhere... which of course there aren't!

In the town park it goes one step further. There you find full blown bubbling pools of mud and goo. This stuff really stinks. It smells of a very putrid sulfer. The whole town reeks of the stuff. The stink is enough to drive you crazy! We're loving the bubbling pools of mud though - very nice!

As you may have read in yesterday's episode, Chris and Heather left their camera in our bus, so we thought it'd be nice to drive over their way today and drop it over to them! They were only 30 miles or so down the road and they were doing some pretty cool things so we thought we'd check it all out! They were in Taupo today, so we boosted down highway 5 (more crazy drivers etc - but on closer inspection of the road side you start to notice the crosses on the roadside, even some upturned abandoned cars!). It seems the New Zealand government have adopted strange ways of dealing with the speeding situation. Yes - that's right - signposts.


and another favourite of ours...


Has this country heard of speed cameras? They could use the money to tarmac some of the roads!

All good though!

So anyway...

We headed down to Huka Falls (north of Taupo) and met up with Chris and Heather, who were busy being bussed around by Kiwi Experience. Huka is very cool, it's not a vertical waterfall, but more of very long crazy rapids going along the river! There is a powerboat that you can take, but Helen and Gareth were a bit unsure about that!

After Huka (and Chris and Heather being reunited with their camera) we went down to "CRATERS OF THE MOON". All sounds very exciting and mysterious we know, but it was just a case of more steam coming out of the ground. It's great (and free!) but when you've seen one lot of steam you've seen them all! Really! Check the photos and make your own mind up. Taupo looks great though - we'll be back there soon. :-)

After driving back to Rotorua we headed straight to ZORB. Yeah! Zorbing is the art of getting in a huge inflatable ball and throwing yourself down a hill. It's that crazy.

We took the "Aquazorb", and thus became "Zorbanauts". Make sure you get the lingo right kids! Aquazorbing is just like zorbing, but with warm water thrown in too! This means that instead of going head over heals you just stay upright as the balls hurtles down the hill!


We took the tandem and went for it - water and all. We got very very wet but had a fantastic time in the process! The water is warmed so it's lovely! The only problem was stepping out into Rotorua's 12C temperatures! Ouch! WET and COLD!!

Anyway... It's uploading photos for Gareth and Washing for Helen tonight. Ahh the joys...

Enjoy the rest of the pics,

See you all soon! Big love from Helen and Gareth x x x

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