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Alek Louke: Kamikaze Award

Ben Evans and Groomsmen: Most Airborne Subjects

Beth Dilling: Best Backdrop

Marty and Emily Kelly Petersen: Best Judge Brown-nosing

Howse family: Best Costumes

Beth's hiking group: Most Squatting Subjects

J Dorage: Best Try

Jeremy Boland: Most Graceful (look at those pointed toes!)

Rob and Beth Dilling: Most Passionate Jump

Jimmah Howse: Best Use of Props

Lee Armstrong: Most Historical Backdrop

Moni Simoneit: Best Air (by far!)

Lee Armstrong: Most Excited

Rocky Louke: Biggest Splash (We're sure he doused all bystanders when he...

Lee and Norman Obando: Best Job Suckering Friends Into Their Brother's Silly...

V. Snowden and Susan Armstrong: Most Patriotic

Norman Obando: Best Matrix Fight Scene Imitation

V. Snowden Armstrong: Bluest Sky

Tobie Shields: Best Canine Jump

V. Snowden Armstrong: Best Explanation Of His Son's Goofiness

Here it is, folks! After hours and hours of spirited deliberation by the judges and all their supporters, we bring to you the long awaited...

Jumping Contest Results

Scroll through all the pictures to fully appreciate both the skill in picture-taking timing and the athleticism displayed by all those daring enough to participate in our silly contest.

Thank you to all of you who submitted pictures, weighed in on the contest entries (Ben Evans and your Groomsmen, you received the most kudos from your peers), and patiently waited while the judges juggled their busy schedule to fit in a few moments to fulfill their judging duties. To those of you who talked a big game, but never got around to getting your feet off the ground (you know who you are, Jeff Ostrom), better luck next time.

Stay tuned for the next crazy idea bourne from far too much idle time on our hands. Trust me, hours upon hours in transit result in endless ideas for things we could do, or possibly convince our friends to do, somewhere someday.

Airborne somewhere,

Dana and Snow

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