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Colin on Bucking Bronko

We were the first up out of our Fraser Island group as our Oz Exp bus left at 7.30am. We would be heading to a Cattle Station in a place called Kroombit.

Our new driver was called Laurence and he seemed like a really cool bloke, who was remarkably lively for that time of the morning, but that was good as he helped us wake up a bit! Laurence explained that the next 2 days would be mainly focussed on driving as we had a lot of distance to cover, with not much in between. He was happy to play us some movies to help the time pass by on the long stretches.

There was aslo a secong bus, due to the high number of people wanting to carry on from Hervey Bay that day. That bus had a driver called Tanya.

Our first stop was a town called Bunderburg, which is famous for its Rum (made from Sugar Cane). The drink is said to make people go crazy and get very aggressive, nice! We stopped for breakfast and then carried on. We then stopped later on for an early lunch at a roadside cafe. We felt it was two early to eat so we boaght some sandwiches to eat later.

The next bit of the journey was very long so Laurence put a movie on for us to watch. It was the Longest Yard, which we were pleased about as its a very funny film. Unfortunately we didn't quite get to finish it as we arrived in Kroombit just before the end.

Kroombit Cattle Station is very remote and we were not sure if there is even a town nearby. We were geeted by a Stockman (the Australian version of a Cowboy), called Andy. He was a funny guy who seemed to love the f**k word. We were asked if we wanted to horse ride and help with a Goat Muster. As we had enjoyed riding when with Nina's family in Ohio (USA) we decided to take part. We were each given a Horse and rode them across the Cattle Station's land until we reached some hilly land, where we split into two group and rode in different directions until we spotted some Goats. The Horses seemed very dosile and needed a few hard kicks to get them moving!

Once we spotted some Goats we then split from our groups and each went after different Goats to round them into one big group. The terrain was quite difficult as it was hilly and had quite a few trees. There was also a lot of obstacles on the floor like fallen trees. Fortunately the horses were very responsive and easy to control. We had to make a strange noise which is supposed to get the Goats to move, but most of the time they took no notice until you got your horse to nudge them!

Once we'd rounded the goats up we then headed to meet the other group who had done the same. The then kept circled the Goats to keep them together and get them down to another part of the Cattle Station. Once there the goats went into a big pen and we tied our Horsers up. Colin's wasn't happy about being tied up and put up a real struggle, he just held on tight to the reigns until someone helped him control the Horse, he then let them tie it up.

We then met all the others who hadn't been riding and it was time for the Goat Rodeo! - This involved three peole going into a pen, running around to find a female goat with milk. One person would hold the goat by the horns, another would get its rear leg up to let Andy check if it was female and had milk, and the other would have to milk it into a cup! One of the 3 would then have to dink the milk. This would all be timed as part of a competition and the time would stop when some milk had been drunk. One groups went in and we all had great amusement watching them try and catch a goat, only to find out it was a male or had no milk! When they finally got one they just couldn't get the milk out!

Colin and Nina went into the pen second, with a guy called Nick. We finally found a female Goat with milk after a lot of attempts. Nina held the horns while Colin got one of its rear legs up, Nick then milked the goat into the cup, and Colin then drank the milk. We were much quicker at milking than the first group and took the lead. This was really funny!

After that a lot of other groups had a try, and figured out how to do it faster and faster. The fastest time in the end was 10 seconds! Once the Goat Rodeo was over we rode the Horses back to the Cattle Station. It was dark by then.

We then took our bags from the buses to our cabins. It was then time for dinner and we enjoyed some soup, followed by a huge roast dinner.

After dinner we had a go using a Crack Whip, and caused ourselves a few injuries in the process! It was then time for the Bucking Bronko, which proved too difficult for most people who were thrown off as soon as it started. Nina managed 2 bucks and Colin got to 3, which he regretted doing as it creamed his privates!!!

We all sat around a fire playing a few games and chatting. We then went to bed as we were all very cold and tired.

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