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My fearless leader with the korean team, actually she has only been...

The international sign for "hey how you doing", just bonding with my...

Ahmed our driver, everybody is called Ahmed or Muhamed.

Chilling between dives at the infamous "Blue Hole", eh, it has a...

Claire and Nasar looking scared. . .

A bit better

It's all beach dives here it seems and it all looks like...



No grass but still playing ball

Ali and Ahmed, see I told you everyone is named Ahmed

Ali looking his best. He's the grumpiest Turkish/Egytpian who has a place...

Ahmed is just hanging out, in between jobs you could say.


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Leaving the "Islands" Cool site and a bit confusing to be in!

So last night Korea tied with France for their second game of the World Cup and the day before USA tied with Italy (although the only goal that was scored against Italy was actually by a Italian but whatever). The whole reason I bring this up though is that I wonder what would be going on around here if it wasn't for the World Cup. There aren't that many people in Dahab and I think officially it has been about 56 days since the bombs went off here and you see little memorials, signs and blast marks around where the bombs went off. The locals definitely feel the pinch with the loss of tourism dollars and with that said I'm going to segue to my next point of the fact that most of the people that I have been hanging out with over the last week are leaving and that of course even makes the town more "empty" but then again I am also leaving in a few days and I need to make up my mind as to what I am doing. . I have already decided that I am not going to meet up with a Kim, a Dutch a girl that I had meet here diving, in Aswan to see more of the culturally significant sites of Egypt instead I am off to Mt. Sinai and the "Burning Bush" later tonight and then probably off to Cairo the next day and off to Europe by the weekend. Although it is always nice to travel with somebody plus it's cheaper but embarrassingly I am going to say that I can to Egypt and all I saw was Cairo and Dahab.

Here's a funny note though, one of the sites that I wanted to see is Petra and it's not actually in Egypt, it's in Jordan. Who knew?

So back to Dahab, I'm not so sure how to take it. It's cool and all but if you didn't have people to hang with I don't know how it is for the solo traveler. The bars here aren't really set up with a "bar", I always find it easier to meet people when there is actual bar to saddle up to, besides at least you can always talk to the bartender. Also as I wright this I am thinking that last night was a bit odd, the whole vibe just seemed to be a bit off and I just wasn't feeling very, what can we say," Social"? So this can be prejudicing my feelings right now. Let's see how it all goes after I leave!

Now a few hours later and I am finding myself realizing that as much as I want to see Donny and Brandi in Venice for a few drinks I just don't forsee myself making it in time since i still have to go back to Cairo to get my stuff so now I am thinking I need to see something dam it! Who knows, things seem to change daily if not hourly. . .

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