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Angkor - the Bayon

The elephant terrace

Helen at the Baphuon

We did a lot of climbing that day!

Angkor Thom - the temple that's been left to the forest

Doug at Angkor Thom

Angkor Wat

Inside Angkor Wat - looking back down the causeway

Sunset at Angkor

The Killing Fields

Serendipity Beach - Sihanoukville

Looking back along Occheuteal Beach

Doug at Eden Bar at sunset with beer - happy days!

Arrived in Cambodia from Thailand last Thursday. Crossed the border with surprisingly no problems - we had heard horror stories about scams and cons here. Arrived in a town called Poipet which is the worst place either of us have ever been! Nothing there except touts and casinos! We got a taxi to Siem Reap which took about 4 hours over the bumpiest road in the world, there were pot holes big enough to swallow the car!

Siem Reap was nice enough but the only reason people visit it is to go to Angkor Wat so it was very touristy. Went to Angkor Wat on Friday, it was very impressive. Hard to describe really, very beautiful and crumbling! See the photos for a better idea. We went to the main temples, did lots of climbing and ended the day on top of a hill overlooking Angkow Wat at sunset. It was a lovely, though tiring, day.

Left Siem Reap on Saturday after deciding another day at Angkor Wat would have been too expensive, $20 each a day plus the motorbike guide! Took the bus to Phnom Penh which turned out not to be the hellish experience we expected, we even got free cakes - guess who was more excited about this!?

Phnom Penh is a pretty hideous city. There are literally piles of rubbish on every street corner (little wonder we were dodging the rats on our first night) and more beggars than we'd ever seen before - lots of land mine and Pol Pot victims. Generally its a depressing place and going to the Killing Fields and S21 prison on Monday didnt help! The Killing Fields are about 15km out of town so we took a motorbike there, the road was pretty atrocious, even the driver said it's 'f***ing awful'! Its a difficult place to decribe - probably just best to say its a very powerful and disturbing experience. S21 the same really, you just can't believe what you're looking at and what happened there, and all only 25 years ago.

Left the joys of the city on Tuesday for the coast. We had intended to go to a couple of places but one of the biggest festivals of the year was happening this week and travelling about was pretty impossible, it's a nightmare at the best of times. So we stuck to Sihanoukville which was a horrible town but a nice beach. Stayed in a wooden bungalow with intermittent electricity and no hot water, and spent 2 whole days relaxing at a bar on the beach, very nice.

Now back in Phnom Penh and about ready to leave Cambodia. Although it's a beautiful country in places, there are just too many let downs. Definately a good experience but not a country to rush back to.

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