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I feel sorry for the other 80%. This is two days later...

Pictures don't do the sight justice.

I don't know which one to keep.

So I kept them all.

40 miles away and 20,320 feet high.

Views from the bus inside the park.

6,000,000 acres of this.

Me, high above the outhouse.

Sheep high above just about everything where ever they go.

What happens when two buses meet?

Find the moose in this picture.

Find the fish in this picture.

Aramark is into everything. They even have garage collection in the park.

See the Grizzly Bear?

Do you see it now?

The road.

Back to the question of what you do when two buses meet...

Stop, pull in the mirrors and the other passes very close by.

Moose thru the Bigfoot windshield.

I toured 60 miles into the park by shuttle bus. Cars aren't allowed beyond 15 miles.

The tour was 8 hours long and we saw most of the wildlife in the park except for wolves. I didn't take pictures of the ptarmigan (Alaska state bird), hare or ground squirrel that the bus stopped for. Most everyone else did though.

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