Katie's Live and Unleashed 05/06 Worldwide Tour travel blog

Lucy and Kevin breaking themselves into this holiday lark slowly with a...

Doesn't last long - cheers!

Red Canyon - near Mui Ne

Our jeep parked up whileour driver repairs another

Lotus Lake and the White Sand-dunes

Preparing to sand-board

Our "little helpers" who carried the plastic and our shoes!

Pushing Kevin off - after the first go it was head first

Lucy heading off...

Luce and Kev

Mui Ne's fishing village - that's about as interesting as it got...

Fairy Stream

At the hole in the rock

Me at the beach

Me and Loo

Red Canyon

Ready, steady, push...

Then this was the hard work!

Covered in sand


At Locus Lake

Stamping in the mud

After Lucy and Kevin's long journey to HCMC we set off on a "3-hour" aka 5-hour bus journey to the east of HCMC to the beach resort of Mui Ne. Here there is an 11Km stretch of near-empty beach outside the actual fishing village. We stayed in a lovely beach cottage and enjoyed the sun.

Mui Ne is renowned for their sand-dunes, so we headed off in a jeep to go on a visit to the Red Canyon, Red Dunes and White Dunes. At the White Dunes we were escorted by 3 young brothers, who carried our shoes and sand-sledge plastic and gave us flowers to wear in our hair, to find a slope suitable for sledging down. They gave us a push-off and even dug out the wet sand to help speed up the journey - lots of fun, but sand got everywhere! So washed off with a swim in Lotus Lake. It did take a lot of negotiation about how much they should be paid (really should have agreed this in advance to have avoided all that, but they didn't rip us off too much!!). Then went for a little walk along Fairy Spring (Suoi Tien) which was very pleasant although a little odd. It's basically a very flat-bedded stream with only a tiny bit of water in, that runs though some red stones, passing by a natural arch in some rocks! The water entering the stream emerges from little springs in the ground.

Lucy got totally managed by sandflies - so she got covered in the recommended vinegar to relive the pain!! Legs looked great for the rest of the holiday!!

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