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Doesnt it look like 'Home & Away?'

Melly on the beach

Good evening. Its 12.35am here and we have just got back from a gorge meal at Darling Harbour. God this city is just so perfect, love love love love it!

ok yesterday we promised we would extend mel's travel journal from her hellish flight over so here is a quick version:

basically melly was doing just fine until the captain announced as they were going over pakistan 'sorry folks but pakistan are practicing firing missiles so we have to re-route to india then we might not have enough fuel to get there so i guess we will do that as well' errrrrrrrrrrm hello, practicing firing missiles??? whats that about? anyway after her panic attack due to missile firing (and more likely lack of nicotine intake for 12 hours) mel finally landed in India - where she had to sit on the tarmac for 2 hours like a chicken on a spit (it was a tad warm). Finally she transfers to Kuala Lumper - fantastic she thinks 'fag time, toilet, food and shower' eh eh (imagine the family fortune noise here please guys) she runs off the plane and runs on to the other one without so much of a toilet stop. So after 15 hours on the first plane she dashes onto the next one for 7 hours!

meanwhile me and em have got up at 5am (yes that 5 o clock in the morning - you know that time when only birds and vampires are awake, or one of us is rolling home from the pub.............)and got to the airport for 6 only to find that mel isnt going to land until gone 9am......we were not happy. (Mel just wants to add here that "poor emma and vikki... they werent the ones dodging ist warfare for 22 hours..these two are soooo self involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

but...............eventually at 9.50am Mel comes walking through customs and we all have a big group hug and a bit of a tear then race outside so Emma & Mel can put some well earned nicotine into their streams.

So yesterday was spent snoozing (mel) reading (vik) & doing a bit of both (brass). to be fair we couldnt do a lot as it was the hottest ever day in October EVER EVER EVER in Australia..over 100 degrees. So today we decided after 2 days of doing nothing we really had to get our arses into gear and sort out bank accounts, flats, medicare, tax numbers and most importantly J.O.B's..

so what did we do today????

went to the beach and worked on our tans..

come on we can be on holiday for a bit cant we???? promise to do the job stuff tomorrow (honest!)well we have to as its started raining and there's nothing else to do!

so after a gorge meal by the harbour and a few glasses of wine we are happy, relaxed, slightly sunburnt (mel forgot she had a neck when she applied suncream!) and enjoying australia..

sending all our love back to you all from Mel, Vik & Ems x x x x x x

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