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Walking towards the hotel

Hawks Town, on the side is the mall, ahead is the Yahoo...

View of the Yahoo Dome

Very large structure

The Sea Hawk resort, my home for 3 nights

View out my window towards the sea

Another view, note the ghostly image of the camera :D

View of the Fukuoka city line

Dome closing after the game

I returned to the hotel just as a game ended, man was...

Never seen a sports dome that opens in person before

I left Hiroshima this morning, and took the Shinkansen to Fukuoka / Hakata on the island of Kyushu, Japans major southermost island. Im staying at the Sea Hawk Hotel, a bit \ higher end, but wanted to spluge a bit. Its part of Hawks TOwn, a massive sprawling compound consisting of a pretty western style mall, the Yahoo Fukuoka Dome where the Hawks play baseball, and this hotel. Im on the 14th, with a decent view of both Fukuoka and the sea. Felt a bit odd being a backpacker checkign into this place, bu ttheyre pretty friendly, and speak pretty good English here.

Im writing this on a web tv setup they have in the room, which is prett nice, but wont be abl eto upload pics, Ill find an Internet cafe once I get the chance. The keyboard is even more confusing then the usual ones here in Japan. Slick setup tho, I can view messages and whatnot righ ton the TV. Plus I Get BBC like I did in Hiroshima, be nice to listen to english.

Going to scout out the area here, maybe catch a movie at the Cinema nearby tonight, if I can figure out which movie is decent (or catch somethign like Transporter 2 or Posieden in English)


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