Hillary and Aron's Honeymoon in Nippon 2006 travel blog

Takasugi-san at the museum

Sano-san and his wonderful family

Hillary getting her nails done at the mall

We`ll, it`s been quite a ride. I`m at Fukuoka Airport, having checked in at the `Fright Information` kiosk (an actual sign - my other favorite misspelling: the `Smorking Area` at an onsen a few weeks back).

We`ve spent the last few days visiting with old colleagues of Hillary`s. Her old professor was Monday night`s date. Her old Japanese student (the president of a 40 million dollar chemical company - I told him he was the most important president I ever had lunch with and he seemed delighted), took us to the national museum for the afternoon on Tuesday. And yesterday we had dinner with her old colleague at the Regional Health Ministry, who took us out to dinner with his wife and three daughters - 4, 7, and 10 years old. They were delighted with Hillary (the feeling was mutual - Hillary broke out her famous T-Rex impersonation, and explained that Kumo only spoke Japanese and only ate Japanese food, and the deal was sealed). I had to make do with a photo tour of our trip on our digital camera, but otherwise my language skills limited my charisma somewhat. It was a wonderfully fun evening to top off our trip.

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