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Dung Beetle and ball of poo!

Our guide Colin and Lise checking out the Rhinos

2 white rhinos at close range


'Mother and child' rock formation

Sunlight on rocky hilltops, Matobo NP

Luminous Lichen!

Cave paintings

Yellow butterflies on the ground, Matobo NP

Next day we went on a game walk in Matobo National Park to see some rhinos. They have 13 black and about 30 white rhinos in the NP which is about 400,000 km square. Our guide Colin showed us how to look for tracks and poo which he could tell how old they were and things like broken branches etc to get an idea of where the rhinos are. We followed the trail for quite a while but lost the tracks in the dry sandy bits in quite long grass, but it was ok because we managed to find a pair of rhinos anyway!! We got really close to them and it was a bit hairy for a minute when they got up and started to head towards us but then they calmed down and went off in a different direction. Close encounter!

In the afternoon we went on a walk up this big hill with very weird rock formations and lots of lichen growing on them which made them look mad colours and a bit streaky. It was also quite stormy in the distant sky and we could see lightening. We went up to some cave paintings and looked at the views but had to go back down pretty quick as we wanted to avoid the rain which was heading our way. We also had to walk through this really tall grass which was over our heads in places and also had loads of ticks lurking in it so we had to check ourselves for ticks afterwards - gross.

Our driver Billy has actually become a bit of a walking zoo as he found a tick on him the other day but also had a sand worm in one of his toes which you could see like a wiggly lumpy line under his skin... and he also found some fly eggs in his arm! nasty. I think he has dealt with all these infestations now, but our tour leader Murf who hasn't been well for about a week finally went to the doctor while we were at Antelope park and they confirmed that he has malaria. He is now on tablets for it and already is pretty much back to his old self again.

I have been lucky so far. Lots of the others (possibly everyone except me) has had tummy upsets and been feeling sick at various times. Hopefully I will continue to avoid that.

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