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Kungur Ice Caves

Start of the Ural Mountains

Start of the Ural Mountains

Just before setting off on Camping trip with Igor (Guide) and Andrea...

Camp for the First Night

In the Middle of Ural Mountains (with fetching yellow outfit!)

Camp for the SecondNight

Tans-Siberian Train

Inside Trans-Siberian Train

Didn't spend long in Perm itself and although it's a nice city there is not a great deal there.

First day went to Kunger Ice Caves

which had the most amazing Ice Crystals and formations in some of the caves, although the photos don't really do it justice.

We then started our 3 days of canoeing and camping in the Ural Mountains, didn't see another sole for those three days it was just myself and the guide Igor (a bit like a Russian version of Ray Mears). It was a really enjoyable 3 days and only got wet for a couple of hours.

It was pretty cool just getting to a nice looking river bank, pitching the tent, cutting down a few dead tress to make a fire and cooking dinner on the fire. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, apparently there are quite a few bears in the mountains but luckily didn't bump into any.

Even managed to get an invite back to his mothers house for tea!

The Gulag camp where political prisoners were sent from 1920(ish) right up until 1988 was quite a sobering experience, especially when you realise that people were sent there while I was in the 3rd year of Corsham Comp for just for speaking out against the communist regime.

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