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Janet inside totem pole at 'Ksan Historical Indian village

View of Totem Poles in "Ksan village

Bear saying hi to Janet along the Cassian Highway

Bear Glacier

Entering Hyder, AK

Salmon Glacier

When I was taking my morning walk, I stumbled upon the 'Ksan Historical Village. Since I could walk through the village, I walked back to the camper to get Chet so he could see it, too. After seeing it, his comment was, "You got me out here for this?" He was not impressed. Although we would have been able to go into the buildings when they opened, we did not feel like they were worth the ten dollar apiece admission fee that they would have charged us. We did see seven communal houses, totem poles, and dugout canoes.

We are now in Alaska! Around 2:00, we lumbered into Hyder, Alaska. And do I mean lumbered! The roads or road is so bad that Chet made a comment that the speed limit of 20 miles per hour was too fast. Since tourist season does not really start until the salmon run in July, some places are just opening up or have not opened yet. For supper, we ate at the bus. I wanted some fresh seafood so we had halibut and chips. Everyone told us that the best place to eat was the bus. Yes, she fixes the food in a bus. You can eat either outside on bus seats with tables, or you have the option of eating in their indoor seating. Since Diane is the cook, hostess, and waitress, it is very informal. Her husband is a commercial fisherman (the only one in the area) so all the fish is fresh. She also owes a fish market, too.

On the way to Hyder, we drove on the Cassiar Highway. In the Milepost, I kept reading that we should watch out for bears. All of a sudden, we saw a camper stopped in front of us on the roadway. We knew why. They had seen a bear. Sure enough, there was a bear right along the side of the road eating. So I took a picture. Then the bear walked toward our truck. The bear was so close, that I could even see the flies flying around him. Even Scruffy sensed something was outside by the way she acted in her cage.

When we arrived, I decided that we should ride our bicycles around. We ended up riding them to Fish Creek where the salmon run in July and August. Usually, there are lots of bears there during that time. We did not see any bears, but we enjoyed our bike ride. But beware! We might see them here at the campground so I am looking for them as I write this.

After eating the delicious meal at the bus, Chet and I drove up to Salmon Glacier. The drive was very long, but we enjoyed seeing all the waterfalls and the rock formation as we drove. Because of a late snowfall, the road was not open all the way to the glacier, but we got to see it anyway. On the way back, we saw two bear cubs in the road, but we were not able to get a picture. They were afraid of the truck, and I was not about to get out of the truck since I did not know where the mother bear was at.

Although Chet and I are here before tourist season, we are enjoying our time here. Since there are not many people right now, and everything here is at a slower pace then we have back home so we have decided to stay for a couple of days.

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