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A ship at Hubbard

Approaching Hubbard

At Hubbard

Near Hubbard

Hubbard Glacier

Hubbard 2

Nearing Hubbard Glacier

Sailed on to Hubbard Glacier today and the weather just keeps improving. We are so fortunate apparently to be scoring such good weather as apparently it can be quite wet in May. As we got closer to the Glacier the ship slowed somewhat and we could see another ship in the distance which appeared to be sitting right in close to the glacier. Icebergs were scattered throughout the water, all in various shapes and sizes and some quite spectacular as the sun reflected of the ice. Apparently the ice cannot absorb the blue light from the sun when the colours of the spectrum hit it and this is what then gives the ice a blue appearance. This place is just so beautiful, words cannot describe the scenery. One can only watch in awe and try to absorb the sights and take photos realising that a camera cannot do justice to what we are seeing.

Couldn't believe it when the other ship sailed away and ours moved in to within a quarter of a mile of the glacier. There were many seals swimming around and we actually got to see various pieces of the glacier break away and crash into the water. Cannot believe we are really here and experiencing this dream!! Apparently we were very lucky to get in that close as the captain had said earlier we would only get within 7 miles of the glacier. When seals have pups or there is fog etc. the ships don't get so close. This also is the first sailing of our ship up to Alaska for this year's season and the crew say they have never seen the glacier so close.

Tony & I attempted to mount the rock climbing wall later on but the fog set in and it was bitterly cold on the top deck. I got halfway up and chickened out as the hands froze and the arms began to ache and I lost my confidence - Tony got as far and the same happened to him! We intend to defeat this wall before we reach Vancouver!! Of course Dom scrambles up the wall like a little rock wallaby!

Thoroughly enjoyed the evenings entertainment put on by Jonathon Clark (an Aussie) - impersonator/singer. What a laugh. Got to bed late yet again!!

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