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This is the beach and the little bar next to the joint...

and this the "main st"

the other way. . .

and the final street of the "intersection"

Although there were scenic moments

A traditional "dow" which is what the fishermen use. You see them...

My first whale shark! If anybody from Koh Tao is reading this...

So today is my mom's birthday, I believe she turned 68 today. Happy Birthday Mom!

And on that note today wasn't such a bad of a day for me. No one tried to over charge me on anything and all and all I had a good day. Edited some pictures in the morning, had a good lunch, tried to educate this guy that coming up to every Asian and speaking japanese is not a good thing and that he should focus on speaking english instead, went swimming for a minute and chilled in a hammock reading about Egypt most of the day. I'm feeling rather relaxed for the first time since I've left Arusha and the Masai Camp.

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