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Red Fort, Delhi

Within the Red Fort

We boarded the train and the bonus was that we were the only ones in our sleeper booth (normally sleeps 4 - nice and cosy!). On arrival at Delhi, the fun truly began. It started with a mix up with our friends coming and collecting us, the only snag being that they were at one station and we were at another station on the outskirts of Delhi - which was unbearably hot compared to Udaipur. We eventually got in a rickshaw that was supposed to take us to Kirans family friends office in the centre of town. I suppose the warning bells should have started ringing when the driver tried to jump the queue (unsuccesfully) to fill up gas at the first gas station he saw. It got better though. The rickshaw slowed down in the Delhi pollution to a state where it was running on fumes. A lot of shouting in a mixture of Hindi, Gujarati and English resulted in being transferred to a second rickshaw. We arrived at the office 2 hours late dripping in sweat and exhausted. Nice. Some lunch, a shower and powernap later and we were ready to face Delhi again.

Our family friends - Uncle Subir and family - had arranged it so that we could join a tour around Delhi with his office staff who came in from Kashmir. They were an interesting assortment of men. We managed to see a couple of places (luckily the only 2 places Neha had not seen last time). We then left the group prior to lunch to sort out visa stuff for Nepal, Tibet and hopefully Bhutan.

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