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this could be a repeat but if you can't go on the...


this is the road leading into town from the masai camp


All sorts of random stuff for sale on the streets

A few Art Deco buildings, Miami it's not though


Why go to a store when you canget your suit here.



Saw a fight break out right below here at the gas station,...

This is the end of main st

this is my one window and my mosguito net, it's my new...


do you really want to buy your meet from a "adventure place"?

Craig if your reading this, couldn't figure out where he got this...

just found this amusing

this is the food market

Just taking it all in


just like in Bangkok, all the tailors are on the street.



This is one side of the st.

This is on the other

This is my lovely $7 room, I actually liked.

Da Bunker

Andy here's a uni mog for you.

Part of the bar/restaruant at the Maisai camp


Heading out to zanzibar

So I have been longer then I thought I would be and I guess that's a testament to the people that I have met since I have been staying. Here, Beka and Mike (the scottish guy who owns the joint and his Dutch girlfriend), Old Man Jon who grew up in New Jersey (he came to Arusha to work on his PhD and he stayed for the last 17 or so years), Andreaz who is a NZ dude who left his place after Uni and has been traveling around Africa and the middle east for I don't know how long.

One night we are all bsing and at the table we had a Melony who wriiten some of the episodes of the Red Shoe Diary's (that show on HBO) and her husband had worked for jane Godanthal's ( gorrila lady) husband and now he himself is a wildlife documantary film maker, Stephan a 40 something arms dealler (among other things) who supplies the Tanzanian and Ugandan military with Arms. On a interesting note my origional contact with the camp was a girl by the name of Brittany and I just found out that she is part of the "Weber" family, Weber grills that is and she was here for a bout 2 years. It's a crazy expat world here. With all these different characters and the wild west attitude around town it's a pretty interesting place. Even though you can't walk anywhere at night and it's always hard not to get the 'mazungo price' , white person price but they consider everyone a mazungo if your a foreigner even black americans.

This is one of those moments that if I stayed any longer I would have to get a job or something. I thought about manageing one of the lodges here but I know that's not something I would want to do for a long time. Plus I am starting to get itchy feet and am excited to get back on the road, each new destination brings me closer to home. But now I wonder what is at home for me. . .of course all of you lovely people but I think you know what I am talking about.

So I have a ride to the airport in a hour and off to Zanzibar, this is almost a side trip because I feel like I have to go since I don't know when I will ever be back this way. It's natural I guess but everybody assumes that mazungo's are rich but what some many people don't realize (here and everyelse) is that most of us save our money for a life time and for most of us it's a once and a life time adventure. As this is probably for me.

Wish I could upload my pics but hopefully in a few days, Zanzibar or Egypt.

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